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Kappa to Shirikodama – Kappa and the Small Anus Ball


Translated and adapted from Mizuki Shigeru’s Mujara and other sources To learn much more about Japanese Ghosts, check out my book Yurei: The Japanese Ghost You have a magical ball in your butt, and kappa want it. At least that is how the story goes. Although modern kappa are often portrayed as cute and mostly […]

The Appearance of a Kappa

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Translated from Edo Tokyo Kaii Hyakumonogatari In the Meiwa era (1764-72), near the village of Takekura in Honjyo-Go, a gang of tradesmen were gathered around a strange living creature that they had almost beaten to death.  Their supervisor happened on the scene and stopped them, then sent for Ooda Chogen to see if the thing […]

Do Kappa Really Exist?

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Translated from Sore de Honto? Of all the bakemono and yokai in Japan, the kappa is the best-known.  Depending on the area, they might be known as “gataro” or “kawako” or “gawappa.”   This just shows how wide-spread they are.  As for appearance, the most stereotypical kappa can be recognized by the indented bowl on his […]

The Kappa of Mikawa-cho

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Translated from Edo Tokyo Kaii Hyakumonogatari In Kanda, in the vicinity of the town of Mikawa, there was a man named Kichigoro.  One late, rainy night he was out running errands for his business when he passed by through the gate leading to Sujikai bridge.  There he saw a young boy, about five or six […]

The One-Armed Kappa

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Translated from Nihon no Obake Banashi Long, long ago, a kappa lived in the river. This kappa would threaten children who were swimming in the river, pull the tails of horses walking along the river banks and drag them into the water, and generally cause mischief to those around him. The river this kappa lived […]

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