Please Donate to Japan Relief Effort


This isn’t kaidan related, but a plea for help. Both my wife and I have deep connections to Japan. She is Japanese, born and raised, and I lived in Japan for several years. Japan is where we met. Japan is were we fell in love. Japan is as much our home as the US.

Japan is suffering now. So… I am asking you, personally, to please help.

The biggest help we all can give is cash donations. Donations of goods, like blankets and food, just cause logistical problems of shipping and distribution. Prayers and good vibes are wonderful, but they aren’t as tangible to someone like our friend who just gave birth to twins but doesn’t have enough water to feed them, or the seven people sharing a single blanket in a shelter.

Money is the most direct and beneficial way to help the hundreds of thousands of people who are in danger now.

It doesn’t have to be a lot. $20, $50, $100…whatever you can afford. We made our donation through the Red Cross, but there are many other organizations available.

Thank you for reading this, and for helping.

Zack and Miyuki Davisson

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