Akarinashi Soba – The Unlit Soba Shop

Translated from Edo Tokyo Kaii Hyakumonogatari

Above the bridge that spanned the flowing canal, a soba shop stood whose paper lantern had the words “28” written on it in thick, bold characters.  Even when all the fires were put out, and the street was in darkness, this lantern would continue to shine, without candle or oil.

Those who tried in vain to douse the lantern would meet with no success, and misfortune would fall upon their household.

Translator’s Note:

This print, by Utagawa Kuniteru, is called Akarinashi Soba (燈無蕎麦), and depicts one of the Honjo Nana Fushigi (本所七不思議) meaning one of the Seven Wonders  of Honjo.

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